Employer Reporting and Sales Tax

Program Features

PRPay 2008 Brochure and Order Form

PRPay 2007 Brochure and Order Form

PRPay 2006 Brochure and Order Form

PRPay Registration by Fax form

Approval of W-2 PR and 480 Forms 2008

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Software Downloads

Complete 2008 Version 4.0

Complete 2007 Version 5.7

Improved credit calculations for Informative 480.6B.1

Includes W-2C digital file for Hacienda and the IRS

Complete 2006 Version 5.7 (fully functioning, W-2 and 480's)

• Use for resubmitting 2006 W-2 and magnetic media files

• Updated for importing 480's with existing control numbers

Complete 2005 Version 5.7 (fully functioning, W-2 and 480's)

use for resubmitting 2005 W-2 and magnetic media files

Accuwage 2005


Program Features

  • Runs on Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP and Vista

  • Includes currently distributed sales tax registration and payment forms. Efiling will be enabled soon.

  • Edit user defaults for accounting firm's name and address, id numbers, etc. (optional)

  • Input employer, employee and payroll data. Print verification report.

  • Input contractor information and payments to be reported on all 480 informative returns. Print verification reports.

  • Calculate and print quarterly reports: 941, 499, Unemployment and Disability Insurance, Chauffeurs Insurance.

  • Produce floppy file for Unemployment and Disability Insurance and Chauffeurs Insurance.

  • Annual W-2 PR forms: Print on preprinted W-2 PR forms or blank paper. Automatically assign serial numbers. Magnetic media filing.

  • Annual FUTA report.

  • Annual 943 Agricultural.

  • Annual Informative 480.6A, 480.6B, 480.6C, 480.6D, 480.7, 480.7A, 480.7B, 480.7C, 480.6B.1 and 480.5 reports. Option to import from user-prepared ascii file according to our specifications. Magnetic media filing.

  • CFSE (Fondo de Seguro Estado) informational report with optional export to Excel.

  • Christmas Bonus report with flexible calculations.

  • Database file utilities: Backup and restore. Merge from remote directory. Rebuild and reindex files.

  • Input as many employers, employees and payrolls as you need. We do not count the number of companies.

  • Data from all years stays on the system until you purge it.

  • Password protect by application or by company.

  • Annual subscription price includes all updates in government reports as they occur / all program enhancements / all new agency requirements as they unfold /  unlimited technical support

We continue to add features to our products that you request. Let us know by email or fax what you would like us to add to our wish list.

PRPay® Update

We are happy to announce the latest release of PRPay 2008®.

Registration is required for first-time installation for 2008.

Click the download link below and save to your hard drive:

Complete 2008 Version 4.0   (no smaller update version at this time)

Download instructions

  1.  Click the link above.

  2.  Click Save when you see the gray box. Do not click Open.

  3.  Remember the target folder in which you decide to save the file.

  4.  Wait for the download to complete.

  5.  Navigate to the target folder and double-click the downloaded file.




2008 PRPay® Update History


Release 4.0  11/12/08



Release 3.0  09/29/08



Release 1.7  08/25/08



Release 1.6  07/16/08



Release 1.5  07/08/08



Release 1.4  06/06/08



Release 1.3  05/16/08



Release 1.2  03/28/08



Release 1.1  03/07/08



Release 1.0  12/21/07




2007 PRPay® Update History



Release 4.8  02/01/08




Release 4.7  01/30/08




Release 4.6  01/24/08




Release 4.5  01/16/08




Release 4.4  01/10/08




Release 4.3  01/08/08




Release 4.2  12/21/07




Release 4.1  11/30/07




Release 4.0  11/27/07




Release 3.3  10/31/07




Release 3.2  10/02/07




Release 3.1  09/24/07




Release 3.0  09/18/07




Release 2.4  08/16/07




Release 2.3  07/13/07




Release 2.2a  07/05/07




Release 2.2  07/05/07




Release 2.1  06/29/07




Release 2.0  05/23/07




Release 1.5  04/27/07




2006 PRPay® Update History


Release 5.7  12/11/08




Release 5.2  02/26/07




Release 5.1  02/22/07




Release 5.0  02/12/07



We continue to add features to our products that you request. Let us know by email or fax what you would like us to add.

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